28 Day Nourish & Fit Challenge


This is a four week life-changing journey filled with new experiences, self discovery and lots of support. This nutrition and fitness challenge was created to help you reach your goals with intention.  This program is ideal for anyone looking to boost their metabolism, eliminate sugar cravings and rid your body of unwanted body fat.  Along with nourishing your body with lots of delicious recipes, you’ll be following a step-by-step fitness plan that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

Do you want to get strong and fit?

Do you want to jump start weight loss?

Do you want to kick sugar cravings and fatigue to the curb?

Do you want to stop the diets, stop counting calories, reboot your metabolism and increase your stamina and endurance?

Would you like to do so in a fun way with lots of awesome support?

Would you like to start 2018 feeling your best?



Your Coach & Trainers

Chcharlessarles Russ’s fitness career began when he was blessed to serve seven years in Germany as an Officer in the United States Army where he also served as a Master Fitness Trainer.

After leaving the military he found time to coach the local high school wrestling team, and performance and strength train for the football team, as well as work on his own fitness program. Charles believes that fitness is not just running, jumping, pushing and pulling. It is a holistic process that has to include what you put into your body.

Now Charles is a full time Financial Advisor and co-owner of Catalyst Gym. He loves to spend his free time with his twin 14-year old sons Brooks and Bradley. Charles is passionate about showing everyone the benefits of holistic fitness and how even the busiest individuals can fit it into their schedules. 

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Alyssa Lampe began her career as a Personal Trainer in 2008 and has worked with hundreds of clients. She is a Winthrop University graduate with a Personal Training  Certification from Greenville Tech.

Her passion is to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating. She is a mom to a 5-year-old boy who is constantly keeping her mind and body sharp. Alyssa loves spending time with her family, working out and cooking.

Alyssa has worked with men, women and children from the high school athlete to the baby boomer generation.  She specializes in one-on-one, small group and large group training.

lisa1 (2)

Lisa Booze is owner of Kid Strong Health and Wellness. Lisa graduated from Greenville Technical College as a personal trainer and has been a trainer for 12 years and has worked in the medical field for 7 years as an EMT.

She specialized in weight loss, post pregnancy, competitions or pageants, children’s health and overall health and wellness.

She is a mother of two girls and is very active in the community especially in the nonprofit industry spreading awareness about children’s health.

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Chris DeHollander, a former Structural Engineer, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Practitioner. Chris is also a triathlete and Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Her health journey started when a running injury inspired her to use “food as medicine” to heal her body. You can read more about Chris and her journey here.

Fitness Challenge Includes:

  • 12 group training workout sessions (3 per week) at Catalyst on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:00 am,  9:30 am or 12 noon.
  • One month membership at Catalyst Gym
  • Online support from Charles and Alyssa and fellow challengers to encourage you on your fitness journey

The workouts will be boot camp and circuit style training that will include weights, body weight, plyometric and intervals that is suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.


Target your ENTIRE BODY

Increase your metabolism

Build lean muscle and drop fat

Increase cardiovascular endurance

Keep your body guessing with lots of variety

Accommodate every level from the beginner to the advanced challenger

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Nutrition Challenge Includes:

Clean Eating Detox Guide Ebook


Your Clean Eating Guide:

A step-by-step plan that will guide you through your 28 day journey. This guide is loaded with success tips and strategies to get you the best possible results.


 recipe ebook_0 

  NEW Recipe Guide:

You will get 4 weeks of suggested meal plans that include 67 delicious and easy whole foods recipes like Butternut squash soup, Citrus Fish Tacos, Award-winning chili, Cilantro Lime Chicken and a Chocolate Avocado smoothie. 

suggested meals

4 Weeks of Suggested Meal Plans:

You will never be deprived, hungry or confused about what to eat or when to eat.


4 Weekly Print-n-Go Grocery Lists:

 Each week will come with a complete grocery list so you can shop with confidence.


Private Facebook Forum:

This is where you’ll be able to ask your coaches and trainers questions and receive support from your peer challengers.  Accountability is huge, so you won’t want to miss being a part of this group.


 Daily Email Support: 

You will receive 28 daily emails that are designed to keep you motivated and on track with your goals.



    17 Professionally Filmed Grocery Store Videos: 

Chris will lead you through each section of the grocery store and show you how to upgrade the foods you are currently eating and tell you why you should eat them! You’ll learn about foods you likely walked by all the time because you never knew what they were, what they tasted like, or how to cook them. 

 PLUS THESE amazing bonuses!

Dining Out Swap Guide

Goal Setting Worksheet

Catalyst gym membership

HOW DO I sign up?

Two options to sign up:

catalyst eb

catalyst buynow2 (2)



catlyst buy (2)

Participating in Chris Detox is one of the most amazing things I have ever done for myself. I had really fallen out of my good eating habits over the holidays and succumbed to the winter blues in January. This detox helped me to re-examine myself and my nutrition in a holistic way such that I felt empowered to set and achieve significant goals in just two weeks time. Physically, I have never felt better. I am already off two of my OTC medications that I was taking almost every day. I feel strong and ready to continue on this journey of wellness. I could have done it without the support of Chris DeHollander and my fellow detoxers. I am so grateful for this positive, life-changing experience. I highly recommend this program to anyone who desires to live a healthier life.
I had the great privilege to be a part of Chris’ detox and 28-day program at the end of 2013. I, first, want to share that I have been a huge supporter of what Chris does even before she really ever started her own business. She has a huge heart for helping people learn what fuels their body well, and I am glad she now has a platform to impact many! After actually experiencing some of her programs for myself, I am more convinced than ever about what she does. To me, eating has a lot to do with mental patterns about food as much as the food we put in our mouths. I found that the approach Chris takes (bio-individuality) along with her coaching style helped me make big strides in my thinking. Changing my thinking means that I can continue to change my eating patterns because I am equipped to learn what my body needs to function well instead of thinking about what I can’t have because it is “bad” for me. That makes eating well as a lifestyle possible. When you take the plunge to detox or maybe do some individual sessions with Chris, you will find that the programs Chris offers gives you fortitude to change your thinking and that just might have you eating well for life!!
Chris, this has really been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for giving us instructions on exactly how to make the transformation, all of your encouragement, and recipes! I love how I feel. I know I lost some weight – I don’t have a scale anymore so not sure how much I lost – and the bloated ickiness is gone. I’m shooting for 80/20 application after this is over. This was so worth the price!
As an athlete I was missing the connection of how fueling my body affects my performance and energy levels. Chris helped me create balance in my diet and incorporated many new veggies, healthy recipes and best of all the green smoothies, which my one year old son Kai loves! I feel good about what my family is eating now and our healthy changes have yielded many results including weight loss, more energy and I’m no longer getting headaches, which have plagued me for years at least 3-4 times per week. My son is getting veggies, my Ironman husband has strength and energy for his training, and we are creating a healthy lifestyle that is free of the emotional ups and downs of the diet mentality and restrictive eating.
I was already a “clean foods” eater before, so I wasn’t expecting to notice much BUT my cravings for carbs and sweets went away and I lost several pounds!
This was a great detox that I truly enjoyed. It helped me find the foods that were causing me to feel bloated and hold on to extra pounds. It helped me with my fatigue in the afternoons and to discover that I have problems digesting dairy. I have suffered from IBS my whole life and this truly helped curb the gas, bloating and pain that go along with my usual day. I also thought that I was eating healthy foods already but I discovered that my individual digestive system responds negatively to foods that normally are considered healthy options. I found options that do work and have helped me to not feel fatigued during the day. I realized that sometimes I can have foods that are off the menu on a normal day but I know now how I will feel after I eat them so I can plan around that for a vacation or special event. This is such a great plan. I am still using the smoothies daily and a lot of the recipes b/c I like them so much. I was not overweight at the start of the detox but I did want to take off a few summer pounds that crept up. I did lose five pounds by the end of the detox and I felt terrific! Thank you!

It is important to consult your physician before beginning any new eating or exercise program.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.