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Healthy Shopping eCourse

Learn what to look for when shopping healthy!

Your Foundation

In this eCourse you will learn the hidden secrets that will help you become a smarter, healthier shopper!
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DUTCH test Mini Package

Dive deeper into your hormonal health

Comprehensive hormone testing

The DUTCH test is the most comprehensive hormone test you can do that test your hormones. If you want to dive deeper into your hormonal health and would like targeted lifestyle and supplements suggestions based on your personal results and symptoms, this is for you!
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FASTer WAY Program for Midlife Women

Transform your life and body

Your Transformation

What if you could feel amazing again? You do not have to spend one more ounce of energy trying to figure out when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat or how to workout. I will teach you cutting edge strategies for MIDLIFE WOMEN so that you can regain your energy, lose weight and burn belly fat. I am not just talking short term or “quick fix” results. I mean real, life-changing results.
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Talk about a de-bloat & detox combo!


This smoothie hit the spot! I usually don’t enjoy smoothies during the winter, but my body was craving some concentrated nourishment after this weekend parties and this smoothie didn’t […]

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For many of us, the temperatures are starting to change. I don’t know about you but when that happens, all I want is soup! Something about a warm bowl of soup on a fall evening […]

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I love a BAS (Big Ass Salad) and try to have one most days.  I find that the key to staying consistent with having a salad every day is change to up your dressings and […]

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