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MY programs

Healthy Shopping eCourse

Learn what to look for when shopping healthy!

Your Foundation

In this eCourse you will learn the hidden secrets that will help you become a smarter, healthier shopper!
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Seasonal Detox

Every season needs its own detox!

Your Blueprint

This is a guided 18 day program based on eating clean, seasonal, whole food and eliminating common food sensitivies. It’s also about cleaning up your lifestyle. It’s not about counting calories or taking pills, supplements or powders. It’s simply about eliminating the foods that no longer serve us anymore like sugar and processed foods.
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28 Day Revitalize

Change the way you feel in just 28 days!

Your Transformation

You do not have to spend one more ounce of energy trying to figure out when to eat or what to eat. I have put together a program that will guarantee results. I am not just talking short term or “quick fix” results. I mean real, life-changing results.
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FROM my blog

Why should Athletes take Juice Plus?

So many athletes take Juice Plus is because it is the most medically studied nutritional product in the world – with 38 gold standard clinical studies (of which 4 are […]

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Before I started my own Health Coaching Practice, I was an Engineer.  While many people are surprised to hear that I actually practiced engineering for 9 years, I do still have some of my engineering […]

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Haven’t changed anything but gaining weight?

You are positive that you’re not eating more food or “junkier” food but you’re still gaining weight.

Is this possible?

Yes!  You are NOT crazy!

And here’s why.

We both know that the whole […]

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