I get asked a lot about what I eat in a day. So, I decided to share what a sample IDEAL day of meals looks like. Keep in mind, I’m certainly NOT PERFECT!

But when I do eat this way – I feel amazing and light!
Also keep in mind that you are unique metabolically, psychologically and in your personal preferences. You must honor that. The plan that works for me may not be appropriate for you!
  1. It has a lot of fiber which your gut may not like right away.
  2. It has a lot of protein which may be too satiating or too much for your biology.
  3. It may not taste good to you (especially the smoothie). Feel free to modify the recipe so that it is enjoyable for your taste buds. Add some fruit to the smoothie or feta cheese to the salad.
  4. You may need more or less carbs, fat or calories than I do.


With that being said, we do know that including protein and fiber rich plants like vegetables, bean & quinoa and high water-rich foods like vegetables and low sugar fruits fill us up fast, keep us full for long periods (4 hours or more) and have minimal calories.
The SSW Method stands for Salad, Smoothie and Warm meal (stir fry, soup, stews, scrambles etc). All these meals are high in protein, fiber and water which keeps us fuller longer. You can eat these in any order that works for you.
S = Salads
S = Smoothies
W = Warm Meal (chili, soups, roasted, scrambles, stir fry etc)
I love this plan because it is simple and helps me to be consistent which is KEY to a sustainable and enjoyable fat loss lifestyle!