I hope you had a HAPPY and HEALTHY summer! It’s hard to believe it’s over! For many of us, Fall means that things “get back to normal!” Young kids go back to school, college kids move back to campus, even work schedules become more routine.

so what’s on your schedule?

Why not make sure that your Fall calendar has plenty of “me time” to help you look and feel your best?

Experts say one of the best ways to stick to your daily exercise is to actually put it on your calendar and protect that time just as you would any other commitment. Other ideas include booking an exercise class at a specific time (and if you don’t show, you’re still charged); or picking a time to walk or workout with a friend or co-worker. Even healthy eating takes planning: make it a priority and schedule time to shop and prepare your healthy meals and snacks. Planning can prevent you from getting caught hungry which leaves you vulnerable to unhealthy choices.

These are just a few simple ways to help you get back on track or sustain your health and fitness goals through the new season.  Now go ahead and make one simple change this month to get closer to your goals.  Let me know what your change will be?

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