I am beyond thrilled to announce my partnership with my friend and amazing chef, Deborah White with Sun Belly Cafe! Deborah will now be providing meals (local to Greenville only) to support you in my upcoming Healthy Holiday Challenge and in future Detox Programs.


A little about Deborah…

Deborah’s fascination with the land, the food it provides and the lives we lead stems from her earliest memories tugging at apron strings on her grandparents’ farm in Ohio. Her professional path since is a journey exploring and celebrating those connections.What began as a career in environmental science and economic development over time crystalized into a passionate pursuit of what makes us well at a personal level. Nourishment through food that is seasonal and sensational, she believes, is at the essence of the good health we desire in each – and all – of body, mind and soul.

“Being told to eat sensibly clouds the point,” she says. “It is true that we need to eat what makes sense physiologically. But food should also inspire the senses because they are the windows through which we interact with our world.”

A certified yoga instructor and nutrition coach, Deborah has spent more than a decade defining and refining recipes according to individual circumstance and need. Through consultation, meal plans and cooking instruction, she helps clients realign their relationship with food. “A great meal is a celebration more than a chore,” she says. “No matter how much work it might take.”Anchor


Breakfast offerings:
Raw muesli with cranberry and pumpkin seeds
Quinoa, kale and egg with Braggs liquid aminos

Black bean soup
Cauliflower, Lima Bean and Dill soup
Butternut squash soup
Spinach soup (full of iron and folic acid)
Root vegetable soup
++ soups are excellent choice at night to calm the digestive system and allow proper balance

Full meals:
Kichadi – a healing Ayurvedic stew
Salmon over mixed greens
Quinoa with fire roasted winter vegetables
Chicken and vegetable stir fry
Vegetarian meatloaf with cauliflower mash

Italian quinoa (sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, capers and basil)
Raw zucchini pasta
Raw kale salad with hazelnut oil, Braggs liquid aminos, sesame seeds and cranberries
Roasted Brussels sprouts and beets

These can be made for one or the entire family. We focus on individual needs to ensure a balance between taste and nutrition.