10 reasons to drink green smoothies!

1. Green smoothies are a great way to get lots of nutrition in one drink. Fruits and greens are the main ingredients and most Americans do not eat the daily requirements of these nutritional powerhouses.
2. Green smoothies are easy to digest! If your body requires less energy for digestion, that means you have more energy available for YOU! Who doesn’t want more energy?
3. Green smoothies have lots of fiber which keeps us full and satisfied. Fiber reduces the risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes just to mention a few.
4. Green smoothies are a great way for meat and potato eaters (like my husband) to get in some greens without actually having to eat a salad.
5. Green smoothies are loaded with chlorophyll. For athletes, that means more oxygen in the blood which equals better performance.
6. Green smoothies are convenient and easy to make. Just put all ingredients in the blender, turn on and you are done. You can drink them on the go with no fork required – great for traveling!
7. Green smoothies don’t contain any artificial anything or preservatives and are loaded with REAL food that will get you healthy. Filling up on a smoothie may even crowd out the junk food you normally crave.
8. Green smoothies promote weight loss. They are nutrient dense which means they are packed out with nutrients and low in calories.
9. Green smoothies help you stay hydrated. Some people mistake hunger for thirst – they think they are hungry, but what they really just need is a drink of pure water. If you can stay hydrated, you will be less likely to overeat.
10. Green smoothie keep you looking YOUNG and keep the crankiness away! Some benefits include radiant hair, nails and skin and fewer mood swings and ENERGY – just to name a few!